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Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.

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I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Elizabeth Perry (that pen-name was already taken). I have been writing stories since the 9th grade and have a variety of interests and 'ships' that aren't necessarily popular although some are......I guess I was drawn to writing fanfiction based upon the acting of the characters I watch, it spurs me to write if I see good chemistry.....I'm  a chemistry whore who resolves her need for good chemistry by writing the stories for the writers

Possible Ships you can Read about here:

OTH - Naley
GA - Addek or Addex
NCIS - Abby or Gabby
OLTL - Todd/Evangeline
GH - Sexis or Jaslexis (a pair that a fellow writer drew me into)

On another note, I learned Spanish in high school and have done my best to keep it up....through one of my latest obessions, telenovelas.

My current favorite is Yo Soy Bea and if you see some chapters in Spanish, that's the reason....Well I needed to jump the hurdle and type my first message so I hope this wasn't too long and boring. I might start posting snippets of my latest muse, Gabby shortly.