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2 July 1978
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My journal is about whatever is in my mind that I need to put to paper! I already have a Fanfiction.net account where I wrote 19 stories, here are a couple of my likes/loves.

I started writing fanfiction back in the 9th grade, started off with General Hospital, then moved to One Tree Hill and my latest obsession is Grey's Anatomy so I guess I'll just list the characters/couples, I like/love and if you see any you like check out my stories.

General Hospital

1. Alexis (Love her, love NLG more)
2. Sonny (Only when someone in fanfiction writes him)
3. Kristina (Daughter and her older sister)
4. Molly (Alexis' Daughter so she's automatically included)
5. Nikolas (Tyler Christopher only)
6. Emily (Amber Tamblyn) I started watching because of her
7. Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) Yea I know he has been replaced time and time again but I still remember when it was the three musketeers!

One Tree Hill

1. Haley (She gets more screentime in my fanfics)
2. Nathan (Sexy, flawed and fictional, I just love him to death)

One Life to Live

1. Evangeline (She's another one of my girl crushes, she has skills) I started out as a Jovanner and now am an Tangeline fan for life!
2. Todd (With the way that TSJ has redone the character of Todd, I'm in love)

Grey's Anatomy

1. Addison (There aren't words to express my girl crush for this woman/character) I started off as an Addek fan but am slowly becoming an Addex fan. I think it's mostly in part due to Kate Walsh's acting.
2. Derek (Only in fanfics can I stand him...The one they write on the show? eww!)

I tend to gravitate to shows based on the actresses, the stronger the acting the more they pull me in... So Nancy Lee Grahn, Bethany Joi Lenz, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Kate Walsh, this is all your fault!


Telenovelas - I taught myself Spanish and fell in love with a couple of telenovelas although I won't write one, I still love them so I decided to list them...

La Otra
Maria Isabel
La Usurpadora
La Madrastra
Betty La Fea/Eco Moda
Yo Soy Bea (Spanish remake of Betty La Fea)
NCIS (First show where I love all characters with the exception of Jenny)